Crushed chocolate hazelnuts

CHF 9.00

Chocolate makes you happy and promises sensual pleasure: we have dedicated ourselves to this goal in the composition of our in-house 1844 Chocolat Baur au Lac. The name 1844 refers to the year in which the Baur au Lac was founded. The recipe for this fine chocolate was developed exclusively for us: In order to obtain exactly the desired taste profile, the appropriate cocoa varieties were mixed in an elaborate assemblage, whereby great importance was attached to the coherence of the individual flavours among each other. Add the finest caramelised hazelnuts to this sophisticated recipe and the result is our new crushed chocolate with 43% or 70% cocoa content. Piece by piece a delight!

Nuts & Soya

Crushed chocolate hazelnuts - 80g CHF 9 - 100g CHF 11.30

Size :
Cocoa content :
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